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Uma Wang

With over two decades in the industry, and over 10 years at the helm of her own label, Chinese designer Uma Wang stands out as a leader not only in her home country, but also internationally. With designs that exemplify the fusion of textures, eras, and styles, Ms. Wang has created collections that have been showcased in Shanghai, London, Paris, and Milan.   She has been lauded by industry insiders, as well as named as an up-and-coming designer to watch Vogue Italia.  Ms. Wang has received numerous awards for her collection, and stands out as the first Chinese designer selected to take part in the inaugural CFDA/China Exchange Programme.
Uma completed her studies in textiles at China Textile University in Shanghai, before moving to London to pursue a fashion design degree at CSM.  She followed this with nearly a decade working as an in-house designer for a number of Chinese label.  This foundation allowed her to launch her own label in 2005.
With an aim to design for self-confident women who want to be unique, Uma mixes different fabrics and textures to create simple but strong garments with subtle detailing.  It is these unique abilities that have positioned her to become one of the first internationally successful Chinese designers.

Accetta Dress

Uma Wang Accetta Dress Sale  $1235 $864.50 Regular price

Adanna Dress

Uma Wang Adanna Dress Sale  $1120 $784 Regular price

Ashanti Dress in Black

Uma Wang Ashanti Dress in Black Sale  $825 $577.50 Regular price

Asta Dress in Black

Uma Wang Asta Dress in Black Sale  $1240 $868 Regular price

Baionette Dress

Uma Wang Baionette Dress Sale  $1890 $1323 Regular price

Black Baionette Dress

Uma Wang Black Baionette Dress Sale  $1890 $1323 Regular price

Black Covo Coat

Uma Wang Black Covo Coat Sale  $2075 $1452.50 Regular price

Black Striped Crewneck

Uma Wang Black Striped Crewneck Sale  $525 $367.50 Regular price

Come Jacket

Uma Wang Come Jacket Sale  $1645 $1151.50 Regular price

Dado Dress

Uma Wang Dado Dress Sale  $825 $577.50 Regular price

Franco Jacket in Brown

Uma Wang Franco Jacket in Brown Sale  $1365 $955.50 Regular price

Gabriele Jacket

Uma Wang Gabriele Jacket Sale  $1795 $1256.50 Regular price

Giovanni Coat

Uma Wang Giovanni Coat Sale  $1695 $1186.50 Regular price

irmine pants

Uma Wang irmine pants Sale  $1045 $731.50 Regular price

Kimani Jacket

Uma Wang Kimani Jacket Sale  $1120 $784 Regular price

Lace Tuma Top

Uma Wang Lace Tuma Top Sale  $680 $476 Regular price

Martino Shirt

Uma Wang Martino Shirt Sale  $875 $612.50 Regular price

Mastio Jacket

Uma Wang Mastio Jacket Sale  $1155 $808.50 Regular price

mustard jacket

Uma Wang mustard jacket Sale  $2125 $638 Regular price

mustard trouser

Uma Wang mustard trouser Sale  $1760 $880 Regular price

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