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Koeun Park, couture trained, but concerned mostly with her connection to the creation of her pieces, founded her brand in 2005.  She established her presence in Prugia, Italy, to be nearby those who realize her designs.  This proximity is important for the creation of garments that reflect her personal interaction with the full process of production, eliminating the potential “loss in translation” that exemplifies international coordination between designers and makers.

The line reflects a level of complexity beneath the veneer of simplicity.  There is an emphasis on monochrome and classic looks, however, closer examination yields the realization that there is more to the designs.  The monochromes reflect undertones.  The classic lines include original details that add to the construction without taking away from the intended style.

The resultant pieces reflect an understated style with meticulous construction and tailoring, based upon the principals of both individuality and conversion – they stand on their own as garments, but also evolve when worn by the owner.

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