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It would be easy to lump Marsell in with other shoe lines that reflect classic styles if not for the fact that each shoe in the line has subtle design features that set it apart.  There are distortions – in the heel, a sculptural shape – in the finish, an unexpected luster – in the upper, a surprising cut out.  The addition of small changes to traditional approaches creates shoes that are wholly unique.

The quest for creativity has cast Marsell’s net toward showrooms that blend art with fashion.  They exhibit their lines along with multidiscipline creations.  Theirs is a world not limited to creativity of design, but to creativity overall.

By taking the creative and allowing it to interact with the traditional, within the design process as well as in the surrounding environment, Marsell delivers both unique collections and experiences.

parrucca boot

Marsell parrucca boot Sale  $1407 $422 Regular price

Ricicarro Sneaker in Black

Marsell Ricicarro Sneaker in Black Sale  $695 $417 Regular price

Tost Shoe

Marsell Tost Shoe Sale  $890 $445 Regular price

Zucchino Boot in Grey

Marsell Zucchino Boot in Grey Sale  $1195 $717 Regular price

Listello Boot

Marsell Listello Boot Sale  $890 $534 Regular price

Livellina Shoe

Marsell Livellina Shoe Sale  $1090 $654 Regular price

Zucchino Boot

Marsell Zucchino Boot Sale  $1195 $717 Regular price

Cassata Shoe

Marsell Cassata Shoe Sale  $840 $420 Regular price

Cuneone Boot

Marsell Cuneone Boot Sale  $1095 $657 Regular price

Ricicarro Sneaker in White

Marsell Ricicarro Sneaker in White Sale  $695 $417 Regular price

high top ricciarro shoe

Marsell high top ricciarro shoe Sale  $705 $352.50 Regular price

ricciarro shoe

Marsell ricciarro shoe Sale  $620 $310 Regular price

Cetriolo Bombe Shoe

Marsell Cetriolo Bombe Shoe Sale  $785 $392.50 Regular price

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