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Andrea YaAqov

Iconic – Black – Minimalist – in 2013, designer Tarija Andrea Navajas Alandia approached the creation of a new line that would propose a particular and exclusive style within strict confines of something eminently familiar – the hoodie.  The line transformed the timeless item by introducing it with unusual proportions and unusual elements.

Additional lines featured a similar approach, and the overall look is at once familiar yet completely different.  “Streetwear” becomes more abstract, exhibiting urban, futuristic aesthetics.  Applying contrasts and the unexpected to the essential, results in a trend-free fusion.

Designed and produced in Italy, Andrea Ya’aqov presents garments showcasing the designer’s fondness for opposites.  Unstitched edges, overlapping cuts, glossy-matte contrast, linear against irregular geometry, white vs. black, and minimalist colors highlight the character of each garment designed by Ya’aqov.

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