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Merger – the combination of two things – this exemplifies the spirit of 10sei0otto (dieciseizerotto) as well as its history.  The brand was created from the “merger” of experts – Paolo Barelli, an expert in the leather industry, and Tiziano Rillo, a creative force in design.  This combination resulted in a garment line greater than the sum of its parts.

The quality of the leather is unique, affected by special treatments and unique finishes.  The fabric, its properties a result of constant research, may be that of a metallic leather, or contain laser etching inside, or be a combination of leather and textile, all reflecting the concept of “merger”.  The design is just as unique, reflecting combinations of avant-garde and primitivism – elegance and informality.

With the combination of roots and influences, the brand prides itself on attracting people who dare to experiment and are open to different perspectives.

leather skirt

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